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This page will outline some infomation regarding the use of the Dorsett Retail, and Dorsett Investments logos or the logos of their subsidiaries.

When referring to the Dorsett Group we ask that you identify it with the first letter of each word capitalised as well as italicized font. We ask that you do not use a cursive font for the display of our name. Please use a block typeface with no monospacing. Our reccomendation is Arial or Open Sans.

The logos that represent the Dorsett Group and its subsidiaries can be found here too. We ask that you do not alter these images in any way. If you require a grayscale copy of any logo you are required to contact us and we will provide it for you. You may not alter the ratio of the images in any way. The image may not be presented larger than actual resolution and no smaller than 1/10th resolution.

If you require a copy that is outside this range you are required to contact us and one will be provided for you. Vectors may be available (contact us for copies).
You are not permitted to change any of the colours in these images.

Click on an image to download it (Larger than appears).

Dorsett Group

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