A Little about the company

Dorsett Investments Pty. Ltd. was formed in 1956 by its founding director Norman Dorsett. Mr. Dorsett was a Ford Dealer from 1930 to 1980 throughout the SW and great southern, trading as Dorsett Motors.

In 1956 he also formed a public company known as Auto Investments Ltd. (Auto’s) and over the following 25 years, with the help of approximately 200 shareholders made up of business associates, great southern farmers and friends, expanded the car business to include a Finance company, an Insurance company and a Real Estate company.

This meant that we first sold the car, financed the buyer, insured the vehicle, and then housed it!
Another company, called Auto Motels Ltd. was formed in 1959 and a chain of motels and taverns was built from Carnarvon in the north to Kalgoorlie in the east and Albany in the south. All are still operating, but under different ownerships and names.

All the businesses grew enormously expanding into farming properties, heavy machinery outlets, even two Drive-in Theatres. Unfortunately it was seen by corporate raiders as a very desirable acquisition, being very asset rich, and was the subject of a drawn-out takeover from 1981 to 1984; after which the public company was eventually taken over.

The family company, Dorsett Investments remained and Mr. Dorsett, at age 80, started again. Lorna gradually took over the reins with her son-in-law, David Dorsett-Lynn, operating its electrical retail division known as Dorsett Retail Pty Ltd.

David worked at Retravision in Busselton after leaving school. After marrying Lorna’s eldest daughter the company ventured into the Retravision franchise and opened our first store in Margaret River and the other stores have followed in the ensuing years. This was the beginning of the current chapter in the company’s history.